My Butch

January 12, 2017 0
Image © Ruby Rose

Image © Ruby Rose

© 2017 SJP

I don’t know who you are… yet,
but I want
my full hips
filling your palms

my round
taking over
your front,
while we attempt
to sleep in our bed…

my woman-ness,
taking over your mind
and your air

I want
to remember the
why I was made for you

fully thrusting,

… my Butch

I want
to remind you
the reason
why I exist

to take my pleasures
and make them yours,
to give you all the
parts of me
you need to love
in order to survive

my Butch…
mmmMmm, my Butch…


My Butch - Pinterest Pin - www.sapphos.space

My Butch – Pinterest Pin – www.sapphos.space


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