Forgive Me Father

September 13, 2009 0
Image © Unknown

Image © Unknown

© 2009 SJP

Forgive me Father,
for I have sinned…
It has been half a year since I last tasted the salts of a woman.

It has not been for lack of effort
or torment of soul,
for truth be told,
I hungered for her vernal flesh with my entire being.

The way her back
curves soft,
over me in the moonlight,
I have been remissed

No longer do my eyes
grow wide
from the sight
of her breasts

Instead I keep company
with the many nights
of our memories
and these cold, hard sweats

Forgive me Father,
for it has been 6 months
since the last time
I shared in The Lord’s gift of passions.

If I could,
I would have rationed myself,
three nights throes
from this addiction

Instead, I would have
indulged in her kisses
and done away with what
I thought was my calling
in making her a Proper Mrs.

I have sinned,
Dear Father,
I have sinned!

It has been 24 weeks
since last I grew weak from
the elixir of her

since I succumbed to
her wicked woman
insistence that I
have more of her

dear God…

My judgment
-it clouds,

with this prolonged
withdrawal of my
lips from her mons…

Could it really have been
900 hours? Since I took her
last to see the face of God?

My prayers
must not have
been enough,

for she is gone from me
and I am left
in this misery
of self loathing.

Oh Father,
Please forgive me,
for I have sinned against God Himself!

for shirking my
responsibility, my noble duty
of creating love on this Earth…

Of these sins

Forgive me Father,
Forgive me…


ForgiveMeFather - Pinterest Pin - www.sapphos.space

ForgiveMeFather – Pinterest Pin – www.sapphos.space


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