Daddi… Please… more…

April 29, 2017 0


After teasing all day, Daddi slides Hyr hardness inside me. With each stroke I am startled by Hyr girth and with each withdrawal I am saddened by Hyr retreat but I just know that all the teasing will come to a delicious end…

Until She pushes past the point I know I can take. The breath leaves out of me in shocked ecstasy as I reel from being taken by surprise.

“Daddi!” I moan, eyes wide with abandon, hope, desire.

Leaning Hyr head back, Hyr jaw clenches as She strains to hold back. Hyr eyes closed while she gains Hyr composure. I feel the breath from Hyr nostrils flush over my forehead and I smell all of Hyr.

“Settle down BabyGirl…”

She kisses my forehead and rubs my arms as She stops thrusting Hyr hips while She is further inside than She’s ever been.

A fine shiver runs through me when I understand that she wants me to submit to this request. My heart flutters at the challenge of fighting what my body wants to do in order to satisfy Hyr need.

Everything inside is heightened as I moan and whimper, trying to get my body to submit. My hips thurst into Hyrs against my will, sending a near orgasm wave from my Princess Parts up my belly, to my tight nipples. I gasp and exhale,

“Daddi!!” My face crumples from want.

“Settle…down!” Hyr voice is raspy now as She waits patiently for me to comply.

Taking shallow breaths, my body trembles from need. I turn inwards, finding that place inside where it is quiet and where my need to submit is more than my need to be fulfilled. I sit in that space, even while Daddi puts Hyr mouth on my hard nipples and pushes further into me. I relent because this submission, this giving mySelf all to Hyr in this moment takes me beyond where my body is and kneels all of me at Hyr feet. The bliss in this space, is more than enough than my want of satiation. And so, I am Hyrs, completely, for Hyr to do as She pleases…

And this pleases Hyr to no end, as my body relaxes into Hyr touch, against Hyr hardness, into the kisses she plants at the corner of my mouth as She whispers, “Good girl…” before giving into Hyr own wants.

“Cum for me BabyGirl, cum for me..”

I know that if I leave all of me in Hyr hands, I will have all I need. And so, I push Hyr buttons, saying the things I know will push Hyr and I over the edge,

“Daddi… please… more…” as my heart beats hard at Hyr entering me completely. Which she does, carefully, measured, the veins in Hyr neck straining from holding back as not to hurt me. Seeing and knowing this, I cum for Hyr as i take Hyr all in.

Feeling my release, She finally succumbs to Hyr needs and cums for me, Hyr BabyGirl…

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